Corporate Development

Innovation isn’t about saying yes to everything. It is about saying no to all but the most crucial features.
— Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Apple Inc

Successful companies don't simply rely on day-to-day trading operations to drive growth to outperform their peers.

They often apply strategies that maintain a continuous hunt to identify merger and acquisition opportunities, re-evaluating their entire portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that its assets continue to compliment its strategic corporate agenda, and consider where best to apply the benefits of using strategic partners to achieve mutual goals.

You may be interested in developing a tailored and sustained mergers and acquisitions strategy that  builds market share by identifying common resources in target groups outside of your traditional  sphere of business,  and finding ways to leverage them to diversify your markets and build on your strengths.

You may benefit from a review of your underlying strategy against your existing portfolio where Elk Ridge Advisory can evaluate the assets which are adding value and are relevant to your strategy, and developing opportunities to leverage value in those that aren't by identifying divestment opportunities and managed exit strategies.

Your organisation may be seeking to enter new markets or industries and may be looking for ways to minimise risk through seeking a joint venture partner or entering an alliance. Elk Ridge Advisory can help you navigate this new chapter by identifying, evaluating and helping you choose the partner that will provide mutual benefits, establish governance protocols as to how the partnership will work and provide ongoing support.

Our Corporate Development capabilities include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Helping you to identify opportunities for growth by designing long term strategies to enhance the value of your organisation, and providing transaction support and managing the final integration of the target into your operations.
  • Divestitures: We can undertake a holistic review of your entire corporate portfolio to identify which assets no longer fit your long term strategy, outlining opportunities for exit in a manner which extracts the best value for your ongoing core business.
  • Joint Ventures and Alliances: We can help you identify the strategic purpose when considering a partnership, identifying a suitable partner to work with, defining appropriate governance processes, and provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure the goals and purpose of the venture are met.
  • Deal Support: We add value as your organisation prepares to undertake a corporate transaction by designing a detailed transaction plan, including implementation and execution planning for carve-outs or integration.
  • Transaction and Negotiation Support: We can provide advice on deal structure and negotiation of terms and conditions, identify and resolve unforeseen objections to potential bids, or assist with negotiation of terms and conditions in relation to financing or equity transactions.