What you measure and reward is what you are going to get.
— Gordon Bethune, CEO, Continental Airlines


In todays global market place, competition can be fierce and unforgiving where only the leanest succeed. Companies need to ensure that their operations are as efficient and productive as possible to minimise cost and maximise revenue opportunities.

Elk Ridge Advisory offers its clients a variety of capabilities that can add value to your operations.

Our Operations Capabilities Include:

  • Lean Initiatives: How do your processes contribute to your core business? We can fundamentally transform your business by applying and implementing lean principles to your operations. We can create competitive advantage by building a business strategy focused on reducing duplicated and redundant processes, reducing unnecessary costs by identifying ways of doing things better, measuring and managing the performance of your business, and increasing capacity of your operations by optimising the efficiency of your processes.
  • Asset Optimisation: We can undertake a review of your cashflow to identify areas to improve both what you spend your money on how effectively you spend it. In addition we can review your balance sheet and identify areas to optimise your assets to release cash to reinvest in your underlying growth strategy.
  • Outsourcing: Outsourcing can be a powerful way to optimise value in your business, but if applied in the wrong way, the impact to your organisation can be devastating. We can identify where outsourcing can add value by improving the quality of your product in a more efficient, sustainable and cost effective way, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Project Management: We can deliver Project Management and project architecture to implement and manage large-scale change. Our Project Management capability is designed around clear and effective communication and stakeholder engagement, that is enduring and adaptable that  hardwires the organisation to prepare  for change. It also measures and evaluates the outcomes ensuring your strategic goals are achieved and the need for improvements are identified and addressed if and when required.
  • Procurement: We can review and design your procurement strategy that eliminates waste and duplication, ensures resources are allocated where they are needed, reduces your costs through increasing your purchasing power and builds lasting relationships with your suppliers.
  • Service Operations: In competitive markets, the service you offer can be the deciding factor between a sale and a missed opportunity. We can review your service channels and identify which customer behaviours result in successful business, and how to develop these behaviours to increase the customer experience and ultimately revenue growth.
  • Supply Chain Management: We can evaluate your supply chain and identify arears to optimise operational processes to adopt lean and "just in time" supply methods which drives working capital improvements,  cost efficiencies, more efficient use of resources. We can also work with you to improve supplier terms and flexibility to further reduce your cost base.