Organise, don’t agonise.
— Nancy Pelosi, 60th Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America

People & Organisation

Traditional industries are undergoing generational transformation which have driven organisations to rethink their organisational design and the role that its people play within it to maintain competitive advantage.

Elk Ridge Advisory can help you address fundamental organisational challenges whether it be executing corporate turnaround strategies, realising synergies through restructuring events,  or building value from reorganisations or mergers, we can help deliver change and provide you with tools to optimise your leadership team and people resources to ensure you continue to meet your customers ever-changing needs.


Our People & Organisation Capabilities include:

  • Organisational Design and Health: Designing organisations that drive performance by maximising operational efficiency and leadership performance, and engages with your employee body through the development of sustainable cultural fundamentals.
  • Role of Centre: Reviewing and re-defining the role of the centre that is that simplifies the corporate decision making process and drives value creation.
  • People: Review of your human resources policies to ensure you are deploying your people resources appropriately and that they continue to contribute to the changing goals of your business, designing programs to ensure that your people develop skills and capabilities relevant you your business and effectively communicate to ensure you extract the maximum potential from your most valuable resource. We can also assist you in designing, implementing, and managing large scale downsizing programmes.
  • Culture: Holistic review of the organisational behaviour and culture which are aligned to your overarching corporate strategy ensuring they drive growth and value creation.
  • Leadership: Even the best corporate strategies in the world will not succeed without effective leaders. We can undertake a discreet review, design and implement a programme to develop your existing leadership team to ensure you have the most effective leaders aligned to your strategy; or source and implement a new generation of skilledand adaptive leaders to realise your strategic goals.
  • Change Management: Elk Ridge Advisory has the capabilities to help you through what can be one of the most significant events your organisation may ever face: Change. If managed incorrectly, large-scale change can destroy an organisation. We can design and implement a change programme built around clear and effective communication and stakeholder engagement, that is enduring and adaptable thathardwires the organisation to preparefor change. We will also measure and evaluate the outcomes from the change programme ensuring your strategic goals are achieved and the need for improvements are identified and addressed if and when required.