Strategy: /ˈstratɪdʒi/: a plan of action designed to achieve a long term overall aim.
— Oxford Dictionary

Sounds easy?

Successful strategies are well thought out plans based on well considered factors. Elk Ridge Advisory  can work with you to build, implement and execute your strategy by undertaking a review of your entire business, define the markets and industries you should be in - or not in - identify the areas where you can drive growth through innovation  and derive value from previously unidentified opportunities.

Our strategy capabilities include:

  • Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management: The majority of corporate strategies don't fail. More often it is management's ability execute or believe their corporate strategy will achieve their goals that is the common theme for failure. We  will assess your corporate portfolio, identify opportunities of advantage, cultivate growth and create value by refining your strategic planning processes  and ensuring the decision making processes are aligned to an overarching corporate strategy that you can believe in.
  • Business Unit Strategy: We design and implement strategies for specific business units to achieve the most value out of their operations - ensuring that your entire organisation is valued more than in individual parts, and enhance decision making processes to ensure that your business units can react and adapt quicker than your competitors.
  • Growth Fundamentals: Many companies  design growth strategies focused on buying busineses that they believe are complimentary, but in fact create huge cost burdens on the centre, perceived synergies are never realised, and in most cases ultimately compete with each other for resources. We define strategies that focus on your core business and identify opportunities to leverage the  underlying resources such as distribution networks or suppliers to enter new markets or develop cross-sell opportunities - rather  than building a portfolio of assets that ultimately have similar outputs. 

We can also undertake a strategic review of your portfolio using an analytical approach to understand where the opportunities for growth are which may be have been overlooked or disregarded perhaps in a certain geography or industry sector. We can design a strategy to for you resource and derive potential value from these identified opportunities.

  • Innovation:  In today's rapidly evolving markets, innovation is the key to survival. Put simply - companies that innovate, succeed. The key to this success is to ensure you have the strategies which combine both creative and analytical methods to encourage and foster innovation to move the game changing ideas from the drawing board to the shop front swiftly, affordably, with minimal risk.
  • Engagement: We can help you build a strategy to resolve issues or respond to crises to plan and engage with a broad range of stakeholders such as  shareholders, governments and/or regulators, consumers and other special interest groups.
  • Emerging Markets: As the focus of global economic growth shifts further towards Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, Elk Ridge Advisory  can help you access the limitless opportunities that await by supporting your entry and development in these key markets.
  • Sustainability: As the international community becomes evermore focused on environmental sustainability, we can help you define your renewable energy strategies, identify the benefits to green waste management processes, and advise you of the impact of changing environmental regulations may have on your business.
  • Vision and Mission: We will work with you to define your organisation's mission and build your strategy with inherent processes to guide the behaviours required to achieve your future vision.