To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
— Winston Churchill

Turnaround & Transformation

The most successful organisations are those which identify the need to evolve and change to achieve their goals. This can be a simple realignment of the organisation or the design and execution of a comprehensive turnaround strategy.

The drivers for change can take many forms. It may be a need to transform an organisation to create new revenue opportunities, systemic cultural change to realign people with a new strategy, as a response to competitor activity, or as a result of severe financial distress and financier pressure.

Our practice deals with liquidity crisis engagements through to full scale turnaround and transformation projects. We have the ability to mobilise quickly and deal with immediate operational and organisational issues including liquidity and balance-sheet distress, and provide you with informed options and advice to facilitate you making business critical decisions.

Our Turnaround & Transformation capabilities include:

  • Turnaround and Transformation experience in distressed and special situation engagements.
  • Restructuring advice including restructure options to financially distressed organisations.
  • Advice on exit strategies, timing, options and execution.
  • Advice on Transactional structuring particularly in distressed and special situation engagements.
  • Organisational restructuring.
  • Performance Improvement and value-improvement initiatives.
  • Advice on cultural change strategies and execution.