Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy with capabilities focusing on startup advisory and regulatory remediation, in addition to business transformation, corporate strategy, change management and business optimisation services.

Go global


Supporting businesses trade across borders.

We specialise in identifying opportunities for our clients trading with the UK. We support businesses evaluate and launch into new markets. Whether it be cross-border growth strategies or new start-up ventures, we act as both commercial diplomats to manage stakeholder interests and business advisors to develop strategies for growth, optimise operations and implement turnaround strategies.

Management consultants and commercial diplomats.

Elk Ridge Advisory is a global strategic advisory firm. We help our clients unlock global growth and create value. We advise organisations looking to identify new opportunities in new countries by identifying new markets, measuring market and geo-political risk, developing growth strategies, and managing strategic communications with commercial and governmental stakeholders. From our offices in London, Singapore, and New York City, we support our clients to develop global trading opportunities.

Integrated practice areas

We operate across six practice areas:

Clients big and small

We cover all the bases, from startups to large corporates. Whether it is help starting a new venture or enhancing and existing business, we are a management consultant that will work with you to achieve your goals. We are passionate about our clients and work with them via our planning, optimisation, strategy and transformation practices to grow, enhance, focus and change. Why not use management consultant that offers diversity in experience and capability, but without the onerous fee structures?

Global reach

With a service area that spans Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia Pacific, our team of specialists can be mobilised rapidly at any time. We have a presence in every major capital, bringing local insights to international trade opportunities.

Our Brexit advisory service

Our Brexit advisory service

What’s your Brexit plan?

Don’t let the uncertainty of Brexit be a distraction. We’ve helped measure the potential impact of Brexit and implemented contingency plans for many of our clients. Leave the uncertainty to us.

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Photo by Vasyl Dolmatov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Vasyl Dolmatov/iStock / Getty Images

Looking for a startup advisor?

We understand that when you are developing your concept, every issue is a priority. We can offer startups or all shapes and sizes everything from coaching, business planning and strategy right through managing your entire COO operation. Take the pressure off.

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Doing business in the United Kingdom

Doing business in the United Kingdom

Looking to grow into new European markets?

Leveraging our insights and institutional relationships, let us help you identify new markets and develop a strategy for international growth.

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