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Business Optimisation

Competition is fierce and unforgiving. Only the leanest succeed. Companies must ensure that their organisational design and operations are as efficient and productive as possible to minimise cost and maximise revenue opportunities. Whether it be a Human Resources, organisational or operational need, we have you covered with an integrated approach. 

We help our clients achieve this through the application of our lean initiatives, asset optimisation, outsourcing or project management tools to ensure your organisation operating at its maximum efficiency. We also address fundamental organisational challenges whether it be executing corporate turnaround strategies, realising synergies through restructuring events, or building value from reorganisations or mergers, we can help deliver change and provide you with tools to optimise your leadership team and people resources, to ensure you continue to meet your customers ever-changing needs. As an leading business optimisation consultant we will bring the capabilities, tools and motivation your organisation needs to be a winner.

Our Business Optimisation capabilities include:

  • Identifying opportunities for lean process enhancements and implementing lean process optimisation plans.

  • Identifying and implementing outsourcing opportunities.

  • Developing and implementing asset optimisation initiatives.

  • Reviewing and enhancing remuneration and KPI structures.

  • Optimising organisational design.

  • Reviewing management capabilities & performance.

  • Enhancing HR Systems and procedures.

  • Outsourcing the entire COO function.

  • Optimising operating model for market segmentation.

  • Designing, building and implementing change projects.

  • Optimising operating model for the digital marketplace.