commercial banking advisors

Our commercial banking clients

We have extensive experience in working with commercial banking clients. We specialise in managing regulatory compliance matters risk and transformation related activities.

Regulatory pressure?

Regulatory breaches can be stressful, and managing the response involves great risk. Take comfort in our expertise in dealing with regulatory stakeholders in shaping a satisfactory response for both the regulator and your internal stakeholders. Whether it be a s166 notice or something far more serious, let us take the guess work out of the matter for you.

Market segmentation concerns?

Markets are fluid and ever changing, and with it, market segmentation. What may have been an appropriate product offering for a given segment may no longer be due to competitor pressure, market demands, and digital disruption. Your balance sheet may be deteriorating and using pricing as a lever know longer works. We have assisted a number of our commercial banking clients in redefining their market segmentation between retail, private, business, commercial and corporate banking segments. We ensure that segmentation correlates with your competitor’s product offering and pricing and developed new products that integrate technology and the changing needs of banking customers to evolve traditional markets into new ones.  

Non-core portfolio?

We have worked with commercial banking clients to identify the lending portfolios that will be core to their ongoing strategy, and develop divestment strategies for those that aren’t. Whether it be a portfolio sale to another financial institution, or a managed wind down of an under-performing portfolio, we can build and execute the optimum strategy that creates the best return on your investment.

Our tailored services for commercial banking clients include:


  • Analysing new market opportunities and developing market entry strategies.

  • Identify potential merger or acquisition opportunities.

  • Identify and advice on asset or portfolio divestment opportunities.

  • Identify and undertake due diligence on new alliance or joint venture partners.

  • Developing an organisational strategy, vision and mission statement. 


  • Conduct ongoing regulatory stakeholder mapping.

  • Designing, building and executing regulator imposed remediation projects.

  • Managing negotiations with regulators and minimising impact of regulatory breaches.


  • Managing relationships with regulatory stakeholders.

  • Designing strategies for responding to regulatory compliance issues.

  • Managing crisis responses.

  • Resolve complex disputes.


  • Optimising operating model for market segmentation.

  • Design, build and execute change projects.

  • Optimising operating model for the digital marketplace.


  • Analysing country and geo-political risk.

  • Developing and auditing commercial credit policies.

  • Auditing and enhancing second and third line of defence risk frameworks.


  • Develop and implement cultural change strategies.

  • Develop and execute exit strategies for under-performing portfolios.