Elk Ridge Advisory Business Management Consultant London
Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy with capabilities focusing on startup advisory and regulatory remediation, in addition to business transformation, corporate strategy, change management and business optimisation services.

Strategy consulting for corporates

Corporate management consulting

corporate management consulting

Looking for fresh perspectives?

We can often see what you cannot. Though out business optimisation practice, we can review your operations and identify where the lean opportunities may be found and advise you on how to implement them. We can also review your organisational structure and determine solutions to resolve the bottlenecks. Alternatively, we can develop an enhanced KPI linked remuneration structure to boost productivity. Your potential is limitless.

Our corporate clients

Our corporate clients come in all shapes and sizes. We service clients across seven core industry practices:

  • Consumer & industrials.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Infrastructure & utilities.
  • Healthcare & education.
  • Natural resources.
  • Property.
  • Media, entertainment & telecommunications.

The key to our success is our breadth of expertise across diversified portfolios, whilst maintaining a tailored and personalised approach.

Need independent support for your recommendations?

Often it is difficult to obtain board approval to execute essential strategies due to cost. We can provide you with the support of a trusted third party advisor to support, enhance or endorse your strategies and quantify and validate the benefits, the risks and the costs.

Need a turnaround strategy but don't know where to start?

We can mobilise quickly to determine the fundamental issues with your organisation, establish what is core to your business, and develop a go forward model that will transform the business to profitability. In addition, we can present the plan to your board, investors, and lenders to achieve buy-in from all stakeholders. We can also assist in identifying and targeting potential new investors and lenders as part of a fully integrated transformation solution.

Our tailored services for directors and executives includes:


  • Identify the core business, and develop strategies to grow.
  • Develop digital strategies to enhance value and customer engagement.
  • Develop sustainable development strategies.


  • Stakeholder liaison:
    • Support negotiating with financial sponsors.
    • Support dealing with bank appointed advisors.
  • Development and implementation of turnaround strategies:
    • Capital solutions.
  • Design revised capital structures.
  • Introduce debt funders.
  • Introduce equity funders.

Business Planning

  • Develop business plans.
  • Develop business strategies.
  • Design pitch decks and market updates
  • Support with investor roadshows and lender meetings.
  • Build HR role profiles.
  • Design remuneration and reward plans.
  • Financial forecasting and modelling.
  • Organisational design.
  • HR manuals.
  • Capital structure design.

Business Optimisation

  • Identify and execute outsourcing  opportunities.
  • Enhance remuneration and KPI structures.
  • Optimise organisational design.
  • Review management capabilities & performance.
  • Identify and execute lean processes.
  • Design and implement asset optimisation programmes.
  • Enhance HR systems and procedures.