Elk Ridge Advisory Business Management Consultant London
Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy with capabilities focusing on startup advisory and regulatory remediation, in addition to business transformation, corporate strategy, change management and business optimisation services.

Consultants for Private Equity

Enhancing the value of private equity investments

Private equity advisors

Our private equity clients

We work with a diverse group of private equity clients globally to create value in their propositions. Our private equity clients are boutique and mid-tier managers that call on us to assist with deal due diligence, value enhancement and turnaround strategies, particularly with specialised assets. We can mobilise quickly and globally, no matter what the task.

Trouble with senior lenders?

Sometimes investments don't turn out the way you expected them to. Our team is experienced in mediating with our clients, senior lenders and other investors in tense, distressed asset situations. We can support you negotiate with senior lenders and management to devise options that both preserve value and satisfy key stakeholders.

Unsure of the capabilities of the executive team?

Through our business optimisation practice we can undertake a review of the board and executive teams of a particular asset and assess if it is the right team to deliver your chosen strategy. Alternatively, we can provide board or executive coaching, or represent your interests on the board of directors on your behalf. 

Can't get the company strategy to stick?

Our transformation practice provides our private equity clients the expertise to identify the core issues driving lacklustre performance. From the shop floor to the C-Suite, we will review and identify the problems, design an appropriate turnaround strategy and support the executive team with implementation.

Our tailored services for private equity managers include:

Business Planning (buy side)

    • Deal Due Diligence:
      • Review management capabilities & performance.
      • Review the viability of company strategies.
      • Review the viability of business plans.
      • Review viability of remuneration and reward plans.
      • Test financial models and forecasts.
      • Review organisational design efficiency.
    • Corporate Governance:
      • Provide board expertise & coaching.
      • Represent your interests on company boards.
    • Opportunity generation:
      • Provide exclusive access to corporate and distressed asset equity opportunities.

    Investor Business Optimisation

    • Identify and execute lean processes.
    • Identify and execute outsourcing opportunities.
    • Optimise asset performance.
    • Enhance remuneration and KPI structures.
    • Optimise organisational design.
    • Review management capabilities & performance.
    • Enhance HR Systems and procedures.

    Asset Transformation

    • Stakeholder Liaison:
      • Support negotiating with management and bank lenders.
      • Support dealing with bank appointed advisors.
    • Review the viability of turnaround strategies.
    • Capital solutions:
      • Negotiating debt for equity structures.
      • Introduce debt funders.
      • Design revised capital structures.