Risk Management Consultants

Risk Management

Establishing a trading presence in new global markets can be fraught with risk, so much so that it may seem that the risk is not worth the reward. Let us take the guess work out of going global by helping you navigate the  geopolitical landscape. We can help identify and assess market, policy and geopolitical risks. Our research team regularly evaluates changing the political and economic climate in our regional locations ensuring our team of advisors can tailor an informed acceptable risk framework that meets the needs of your business. Our team of experts will also help you manage government and regulatory relationships to ensure you build lasting value in global markets. Take advantage market uncertainty and reap the rewards of taking calculated risks.

Our risk mitigation capabilities include:

  • Undertaking country risk assessments.

  • Developing an organisational risk framework to proactively manage risk.

  • Identifying regulatory risk and developing strategies to mitigate its impact.

  • Identifying and developing Public Private Partnership opportunities.

  • Developing and auditing commercial banking credit policies.

  • Auditing and enhancing second and third line of defence risk frameworks.