Elk Ridge Advisory Business Management Consultant London
Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy with capabilities focusing on startup advisory and regulatory remediation, in addition to business transformation, corporate strategy, change management and business optimisation services.


A boutique management consultancy.

Practice Areas


Every engagement is different, and as such you may require the expertise from one or many of our practice areas. As a boutique firm we will strive to integrate all of your needs into our response. Following a consultation we will provide a scope of work that will be specifically tailored to your requirements.


Starting a new venture can be exciting but challenging. Many of our clients have developed an exciting new product, but have struggled to convert that product into a viable venture that attracts the attention of venture capital or seed capital. Competition for startup funding is highly competitive. If you are simply looking for a business plan consultant or broader startup consultancy we will be more than happy to assist. 

We can help establish a corporate structures, incorporate limited companies or partnerships. We will design and write your business plan, prepare stress-tested MRA financial modelling, financial forecasting, and prepare prospective investor proposals and pitch decks. We will map out the organisational structure, build HR manuals, KPI linked remuneration and reward plans and design role profiles for key positions. We will also design an optimum capital structure program. Finally, we can also assist in targeting and introducing venture capital or debt sponsors to secure funding. Put your best foot forward and secure your future success today.


The world is changing far quicker than it ever has. It can be difficult for companies to keep up with the pace this change. It is vital to have a strategic focus to grow and prosper from change. The key to the success of any prosperous organisation is a clear strategic vision. A strategic vision that your entire organisation adopts and works towards is the key to the success of any prosperous organisation. 

We have worked with organisations both large and small to build, implement and execute core strategies by undertaking a review of their entire businesses to define the markets and industries they should be in - or not in - and identified the areas to drive growth through innovation  and derive value from previously unidentified opportunities. Elk Ridge Advisory will develop your corporate strategy to ensure it is engrained in the corporate psyche from the boardroom to the mailroom. Looking for a business strategy consultant that will demonstrate results?


The drivers for change can take many forms. It may be a need to undertake a business reorganisation or corporate turnaround to create new revenue opportunities, systemic cultural change to realign people with a new strategy, or as a result of severe financial distress and lender pressure. As a turnaround consulting firm, Elk Ridge Advisory will act as your trusted advisor and change manager to ensure your interests are protected and your business is transformed to a successful venture once more. 

Our clients have sought our expertise to advise on short term liquidity crisis engagements through to full scale turnaround and transformation projects. We have the ability to mobilise quickly and deal with immediate operational and organisational issues such as liquidity and distressed debt, and provide you with informed options and advice to facilitate a successful restructuring of your business. 


Competition is fierce and unforgiving. Only the leanest succeed. Companies must ensure that their organisational design and operations are as efficient and productive as possible to minimise cost and maximise revenue opportunities. Whether it be a Human Resources, organisational or operational need, we have you covered with an integrated approach. 

We help our clients achieve this through the application of our lean initiatives, asset optimisation, outsourcing or project management tools to ensure your organisation operating at its maximum efficiency. We also address fundamental organisational challenges whether it be executing corporate turnaround strategies, realising synergies through restructuring events, or building value from reorganisations or mergers, we can help deliver change and provide you with tools to optimise your leadership team and people resources, to ensure you continue to meet your customers ever-changing needs. As an leading business optimisation consultant we will bring the capabilities, tools and motivation your organisation needs to be a winner.