startup advisors

Our startup clients

While our startup clients are predominantly in the tech and fintech space, we often support startups from all industries. Our startup clients benefit from our expertise  business planning and business optimisation services.

Too busy developing your concept?

We understand that when you are developing your concept, every issue is a priority. We can offer startups or all shapes and sizes everything from coaching, business planning and strategy right through managing your entire COO operation.

What can we offer that other startup advisors can't?

We can help develop your pitch decks and support you as you meet with potential investors. You can also leverage our extensive relationships with venture capital funders and traditional bank lenders who we can help understand your ideas. 

Need advice but can't afford it right now?

We also understand that in the beginning capital is sparse, but this shouldn't be a reason to deny your business the best advice money can buy. We can offer a range fee structures including deferred payment options.

Our tailored startup advisory services include:

Strategy & Corporate Finance

  • Developing business plans and strategy.

  • Undertaking financial forecasting and modelling to demonstrate the concept is viable and scalable.

  • Developing professional pitch decks, arranging and supporting investor roadshows.

  • Designing HR role profiles.

  • Designing KPI linked remuneration and reward plans.

  • Developing and support building the organisational design and corporate structure.

  • Developing HR manuals, systems and procedures.

  • Designing appropriate capital structures.

  • Building effective boards and enhancing board composition.

Business Optimisation

  • Identifying opportunities for lean process enhancements and implementing lean process optimisation plans.

  • Identifying and implementing outsourcing opportunities.

  • Developing and implementing asset optimisation initiatives.

  • Reviewing and enhancing remuneration and KPI structures.

  • Optimising the organisational design.

  • Reviewing management/board capabilities and performance.

  • Enhancing HR Systems and procedures.

  • Outsourcing the entire COO function.