Startup Advisory

Starting a new venture can be exciting but challenging. Many of our clients have developed an exciting new product, but have struggled to convert that product into a viable venture that attracts the attention of venture capital or seed capital. Competition for startup funding is highly competitive. If you are simply looking for a business plan consultant or broader startup consultancy we will be more than happy to assist. 

We can help establish a corporate structures, incorporate limited companies or partnerships. We will design and write your business plan, prepare stress-tested MRA financial modelling, financial forecasting, and prepare prospective investor proposals and pitch decks. We will map out the organisational structure, build HR manuals, KPI linked remuneration and reward plans and design role profiles for key positions. We will also design an optimum capital structure program. Finally, we can also assist in targeting and introducing venture capital or debt sponsors to secure funding. Put your best foot forward and secure your future success today.

Our startup capabilities include:



  • Developing business plans and strategy.

  • Undertaking financial forecasting and modelling to demonstrate the concept is viable and scalable.

  • Developing professional pitch decks, arranging and supporting investor roadshows.

  • Designing HR role profiles.

  • Designing KPI linked remuneration and reward plans.

  • Developing and support building the organisational design and corporate structure.

  • Developing HR manuals, systems and procedures.

  • Designing appropriate capital structures.

  • Building effective boards and enhancing board composition.


  • Identifying opportunities for lean process enhancements and implementing lean process optimisation plans.

  • Identifying and implementing outsourcing opportunities.

  • Developing and implementing asset optimisation initiatives.

  • Reviewing and enhancing remuneration and KPI structures.

  • Optimising the organisational design.

  • Reviewing management/board capabilities and performance.

  • Enhancing HR Systems and procedures.

  • Outsourcing the entire COO function.