strategic communications advisors

Strategic Communications

Unlike Public Relations firms, our focus is to communicate your message to influence stakeholder decision-making. Our clients and that when entering new markets sometimes requires strategic positioning of an issue or a cause with your stakeholders in order to create an opportunity. We can help take the risk out of this process by managing your message with your stakeholders to raise and preserve your positive profile. In addition we can help you build an organisational framework to guide strategic communication planning in your own creative process. We can also tailor and execute a communication plan to raise awareness of your issues and position your views via direct stakeholder engagement. Finally, we can also be retained to manage corporate crises. Don’t risk your investment by failing to engage with your stakeholders. Let us manage your message for you.

Our Strategic Communications capabilities include:

  • Formulating strategic communications frameworks to drive focused policy outcomes.

  • Drafting position papers to leave behind in meetings with key stakeholders.

  • Hosting regular meetings with key stakeholders to create valued strategic relationships.

  • Drafting advocacy materials.

  • Cultivating relationships with stakeholders to gather intelligence, and advocate your position.

  • Developing and hosting a website for your organisation to fully leverage your supporters and interest groups energise and mobilise.

  • Advising on how to energise advocacy networks such as employees, members, and citizens to leverage their support.

  • Drafting proposed legislative or regulatory language for special interest groups.

  • Advising on political campaign strategies and planning.

  • Developing crisis management plans.

  • Evaluating and testing organisational responses to crises.

  • Managing organisational crises.

  • Managing relationships with regulatory stakeholders.

  • Designing strategies for responding to regulatory compliance issues.

  • Resolving complex disputes.