Global Strategic Advisory

Strategy & Corporate Finance

The world is changing far quicker than it ever has. It can be difficult for companies to keep up with the pace this change. It is vital to have a strategic focus to grow and prosper from change. The key to the success of any prosperous organisation is a clear strategic vision. A strategic vision that your entire organisation adopts and works towards is the key to the success of any prosperous organisation. 

We have worked with organisations both large and small to build, implement and execute core strategies by undertaking a review of their entire businesses to define the markets and industries they should be in - or not in - and identified the areas to drive growth through innovation  and derive value from previously unidentified opportunities. Elk Ridge Advisory will develop your corporate strategy to ensure it is engrained in the corporate psyche from the boardroom to the mailroom. Looking for a business strategy consultant that will demonstrate results?

Our Strategy & Corporate Finance capabilities include:

  • Identifying the core business, and developing strategies for growth.

  • Developing digital strategies to enhance value and customer engagement.

  • Developing sustainable development strategies.

  • Developing enduring capital markets strategies.

  • Analysing new market opportunities and developing market entry strategies.

  • Identifying potential merger or acquisition opportunities.

  • Identifying and advising on asset or portfolio divestment opportunities.

  • Identifying and undertaking due diligence on new alliance or joint venture partners.

  • Developing an organisational strategy, vision and mission statement. 

  • Developing business plans.

  • Designing pitch decks and market updates.

  • Supporting with investor roadshows and lender meetings.

  • Undertaking feasibility studies.

  • Undertaking financial forecasting and modelling.

  • Building effective boards and enhance board composition.

  • Enhancing capital structure design.