turnaround transformation advisors


The drivers for change can take many forms. It may be a need to undertake a business reorganisation or corporate turnaround to create new revenue opportunities, systemic cultural change to realign people with a new strategy, or as a result of severe financial distress and lender pressure. As a turnaround consulting firm, Elk Ridge Advisory will act as your trusted advisor and change manager to ensure your interests are protected and your business is transformed to a successful venture once more. 

Our clients have sought our expertise to advise on short term liquidity crisis engagements through to full scale turnaround and transformation projects. We have the ability to mobilise quickly and deal with immediate operational and organisational issues such as liquidity and distressed debt, and provide you with informed options and advice to facilitate a successful restructuring of your business. 

Our Transformation capabilities include:

  • Facilitating executive transitions.

  • Managing stakeholder relationships, including:

    • Providing support negotiating with financial sponsors.

    • Providing support dealing with bank appointed advisors.

  • Developing and implementing of turnaround strategies.

  • Designing revised capital structures.

  • Introducing debt funders.

  • Introducing equity funders.