Elk Ridge Advisory Business Management Consultant London
Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy with capabilities focusing on startup advisory and regulatory remediation, in addition to business transformation, corporate strategy, change management and business optimisation services.

Consultants for Venture Capital Funds

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Our venture capital clients

We work with a variety of venture capital clients globally who benefit from our expertise in asset transformation, investor business optimisation and business planning (buy-side) due diligence services.

Underperforming asset?

We can identify the core issues driving the underperformance of a venture capital sponsored startup and work with the executive team and board to successfully develop and execute a turnaround strategy.

Second opinion?

Not sure if the pitch is viable? Let us run our ruler across the deal to identify the risks and oversights to give you peace of mind. We can determine if the financial modelling and assumptions are reasonable, or if the board or executive capabilities are suitable to execute the company's strategy.

Enhancing value?

Has the asset bedded down its concept and ready to build to scale? Looking to enhance maximum value in preparation for exit? With our business optimisation service we can identify areas to optimise the performance of the business to ensure you extract maximum value from you investment.

    Our tailored services for venture capital managers include:

    Business Planning (buy side)

    • Deal Due Diligence:
      • Review management capabilities & performance.
      • Review the viability of strategies.
      • Review the viability of business plans.
      • Review viability of remuneration and reward plans.
      • Test financial models and forecasts.
      • Review organisational design efficiency.
    • Opportunity generation:
      • Provide preliminary round access to pitch decks prior to first round roadshows.
    • Corporate Governance:
      • Provide board expertise & coaching.
      • Represent your interests on company boards.

    Investor Business Optimisation

    • Identify and implement lean processes.
    • Identify and execute outsourcing opportunities.
    • Develop and implement asset optimisation initiatives.
    • Review and enhance remuneration and KPI structures.
    • Optimise organisational design.
    • Review management/board capabilities and performance.
    • Enhance HR Systems and procedures.

    Asset Transformation

    • Stakeholder Liason:
      • Support negotiations with management and bank lenders.
      • Support dealing with bank appointed advisors.
    • Turnaround strategies:
      • Identify core performance issues, develop and implement effective turnaround strategies.
      • Review the viability of board/management proposed turnaround strategies.
    • Capital solutions:
      • Design revised capital structures.
      • Introduce new debt/equity sponsors.